Wrapping up 2020

It has been a rough ride for everyone in 2020. Without going into details of the global events this year, I’d like to touch on few key take-aways.

  • We have learned that travelling is not always a necessity, but rather luxury. A lot of business can be done remotely.
  • That digital transformation is inevitable and it’s better if CTO or CIO drives it rather than a global crisis.
  • Working from home is possible, doable and there’s nothing to fear. Good performance can be achieved in pyjamas too.
  • Meanwhile, people need face time with their colleagues, managers and the mere ambient noise of the coffee machine, printers and office chatter can be missed.
  • Now we know that our future workplace will be and should be some kind of hybrid that allows flexibility of time and place;
  • And sustainability is not only about commuting to work in electric vehicles, but it is about minimizing the commute which is doable too.
  • Ultimately, we’ve learned that nothing should taken as granted and every moment, every thing and every loved one we have must be valued.

2021 is full of challenges and new beginnings. I believe that the experience of 2020 will help us make smarter decisions in the future. We wish you a happy, open and a more productive New Year.

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