OFISTIC8 Smart Nameplate™

Open office was introduced to foster collaboration and communication at workplace. No more cubicles, no more doors. However, it comes with own side effects.

One of them is distraction. Colleagues approaching to address some urgent inquiry or just for chit-chat can pull you off a task that took long to focus on. Nearly 50% of people working in open office say they get constantly distracted.

As workplace gets more dynamic with hot desks, co-working space type arrangements and flexible working locating an available desk or the person you’re looking for become challenging. OFISTIC8 Smart Nameplate™ addresses these problems with simplicity.


OFISTIC8 Presence™ framework

Paired with our OFISTIC8 Presence™ framework (right>>) it will indicate the user’s availability with 3 distinct and easy-to-read colours. It will detect if the person is in a Microsoft Teams, Zoom or Skype call and will allow to set Busy/Do not disturb status manually when focus is needed*.

E-ink display is eco-friendly. Customizable credentials of the user will be displayed even when unplugged just like a printed or engraved nameplate. Only this time it’s much simpler and cheaper to make changes.

OFISTIC8 Smart Nameplate™ supports hot desks. Plug the USB cable and credentials of the user will be automatically displayed on the E-ink screen and status lights will turn on.


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Future ready and open-“minded”

OFISTIC8 Smart Nameplate™ is supported by cloud API. It can be integrated with Workipelago™ app or complemented by other IoT platforms. Download and install our software by clicking the below button. It’s a straight-forward installation and after that, simply plug and use your Smart Nameplate.


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