What we do

Future of work – back to office, fully digital or hybrid? Time will show. What we know today is that collaboration and employee satisfaction are crucial for any business in any time. Our vision is based on two things: flexibility and sustainability.

OFSITIC8 equips enterprises, teams and business owners with simple yet sophisticated solutions to manage the ambiguity that hybrid workplace might bring.

Are you committed to SDGs? Great! We believe that sustainability is beyond consuming renewable energy or driving EVs only. It is about culture and we help you build just that.

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Our journey

It all started from the Smart Nameplate™. Back in the day when open space was still crowded with the corporate chaos and chit-chat around the office, the idea was born in that very environment. With this invention OFISTIC8 emerged and our journey through mysteries of productivity and collaboration began. We’ve learned a lot about availability, distractions and we’ve developed that knowledge into the Presence™ framework.
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Enterprises are going through transformation to accommodate remote working and to enable collaboration among teams. Safe workplace with better cleaning and distancing must be provided too. It is crucial to ensure limited occupancy in premises today; to utilize the office space more efficiently and sustainably in the future.

Workipelago™ is bridging the gap between physical and digital workplace. We create the ultimate solution to manage hybrid working. It is now possible to remove silos by bringing remote teams closer, help them feel present and fulfil that missing feeling of belonging. Be that onboarding new people, providing office space for all who need or offering your teams new edge in online collaboration – all made easy, done simply.

Workipelago™ addresses problems such as:

  • managing flexible offices – space utilization
  • safety and hygiene
  • productivity loss
  • people satisfaction…
  • …and company culture

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We help rethink your workplace

Let’s build the future workplace that embraces productivity, satisfaction and sustainability. We start by understanding your needs and problems together with you. OFISTIC8 Presence™ framework is central to understanding remote and open office interactions. Workipelago™ on the other hand, helps us build a truly hybrid workplace.

We find the best solution and help you implement it in the simplest way possible. Because, sophisticated does not have to complicated.
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